Myth Busted: Hybrids Are Not Reliable

September 11th, 2015 by

You may have heard some myths about hybrids, like, you’ll have to replace the battery every few years. Hybrid batteries are not cheap by any means, as they are much bigger and do more work than your average car battery.

But do you really need to replace them? Ask Bob Old how many times he’s replaced his Toyota Prius battery in 11 years.

Bob Old could be a regular Prius expert by now. He’s been driving one since 2004, when Toyota first launched the second generation of their flagship hybrid model. Since then, he’s put around 435,000 miles on it.

He’s never replaced the battery. Not once.

According to Bob, he’s never had a breakdown, either. That doesn’t mean he’s never needed to make repairs, or replace worn out parts. But he’s never had a failure out on the road, and he’s never replaced anything big or expensive.

Just your regular routine maintenance schedule from a certified Toyota Service Center.

So if you’ve been staying away from the fuel-saving world of hybrid cars out of fear of maintenance costs or breakdowns, maybe it’s time to come to Preston Toyota and give one a test drive.

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