Toyota is a Good Neighbor to Have if You’re a Bird

January 5th, 2016 by

At Preston Toyota, we hope we’ve always good neighbors to the people of New Castle, Pittsburgh, Sharon, Youngstown, and Mercer by supplying some of the most reliable and efficient new vehicles around.

We might not hold a candle to the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds (TAPG), however, and their neighborly assistance to surrounding wildlife.

Eight years ago, a pair of red-tailed hawks took up residence in a utility pole outside TAPG. Though the raptors thought the pole looked like a good nest site, it proved fatal to one of the adult birds.

TAPG investigated, and found an orphaned chick still alive in the nest.

Like caring neighbors, Toyota employees contacted a local wildlife rescue to save the chick’s life. Then, to make sure this tragedy was not repeated, they installed a 50-foot nesting pole in a safer location about 500 feet away. They even transferred the old nest to the new nesting site.

The surviving adult returned the following year, and at least eight red-tailed hawks have been hatched on the new site.

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